Trying to use an outside module, need setup help.

I would like to use a module in my scripts but don’t know how.

It is a module for making neural networks. Using it in the game engine is my plan, though I should be able to run scripts that use it outside of the game engine.

All help is much appreciated.

…but don’t know how.

Don’t know how to what?

Sorry for being vauge, normaly I ask too narrow a question.

What I really need to know is were to place the .py module file. I also don’t know if it needs a python instilation or mabe other modules to run that module. If anyone could get it set up and tell me how they did it, that would be great. The module its self can be run as a demo.

The link you gave has dependencies and setup instructions in the Download section.

You will need to add those directories to your PYTHONPATH when running Blender in order to import those modules.

So I would take the downloaded zip with all the modules (most of which I do not want) and put it were? And then I would then edit my PYTHON PATH (Why is it capitalized?) how and to what? Will I need a full python installation?

I can see this is going to be a learning experience for you. Based on personal experience, a good algorithm for doing new things is

  1. read the instructions
  2. follow the instructions
    This is not foolproof, but it often works and is usually a good start. So…

Install everything mentioned in the download section: Python, Numpy and the neural net software. You may not need it all but the software does.

Numpy will get installed into the Python system directories.

Put Conx anywhere you like. Remember where that is. You will need to add it to PYTHONPATH.

PYTHONPATH is the name of an environment variable. These are normally capitalized. You can set it at the command line using the ‘export’ statement.

Carry on.

Ok, mabe I can phrase my question a little better. How can I use this module with the least # of support modules?

You didn’t think I tried the instructions? I guess I could just go mess with it till I get it right but first I thought I might find someone who would be willing to help on elysiun. Any ideas?

Aw forget it. Gonna have a go at making a module myself. Thanks stiv for replying to such a dumb question in the first place.