Trying to use Sintel files. How do I edit the animations? F-curves and dopesheet seem to be locked

Hi! I’m running the Sintel Render branch that comes with the Sintel DVDs. I’m able to render a scene where the dragon is blowing his flame - all good so far. However, when I try to change some of the animation data in the scene - specifically I’m looking at the file “08.2_thebigfight\08.2a_comp.blend” and the 8.2 scene. I’d like to, for example, erase everything in the dopesheet so I can “freeze” the dragon, and then animate my camera to get a parallax shot of the dragon, but I can’t seem to delete anything in F-Curve editor or the dopesheet. There does not appear to be any locks on the channels, but many options are grayed out, including the one to make the direct linked library local. image

Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully someone out there uses or has used the Sintel files from the DVDs and knows what I mean.