Trying to use two Attribute nodes to blend two textures Can't figure out the set up.

Hello All,

I am trying to create a small island wich will ulimatly have a castle on it. I have the island modeled I am trying to use two different textures on it. One is a grass texture that will be the top portion, the portion that goes into the water I want to use a soil and rock texture. I want the two textures to blend where they meet. I have colormapped it, vertex painted the areas accordingly. However when I use the sample node set up here. Both textures appear, however they are on top of eachother. I have tried adjusting the mapping nodes, but it really didn’t help.

I know I am close and just missing a step. But any insight would be great.

The mix shaders need to have two shaders going into them (as in the name they mix two things together) and they are then mixed together with the properties of the attribute node.

You would have texture 1 and texture 2 and they are inputs to a mix shader with an attribute node to control how they are to be mixed

Hi Richard I got it to work with this set up