Trying to UV a Coke !


I am following this Tutorial :

and when i select the up faces to add the ring pull texture the UV coke texture Still Appear ?

I hope u understand what i mean :frowning:

Here is the ring bull texture that i want to add to the selected faces

You need to add another UV layer and unwrap top view just faces you need. Thats left from Material panel icon, triangle. Look for UV layers, click +.
On Textures panel assign image to newly created uv layer from Mapping dropdown.

You need to add another UV layer

How to Add New UV Layer? I did not found [UV layer]?

As far as I know, the plus sign ( + ) that you found in the right side of the “UV maps” tab allows you to make a new UV layer.

My apologies for not using correct terms… You got there already, anyways.
Choose material for the top, make a new uv map (+), select top mesh part in edit mode top view, open ring pull texture image and unwrap from view, scale, positon. Now your model is using 2 materials with separate uv maps.