Trying to uv map a cylinder, can't select a full face?

Following this tutorial=

The software box one, it teaches you to do uv mapping. But it’s based on face selection, which with a box is easy [only 6 faces]. But i’m trying to use the same method on a cylinder and i only get to select a small subdivided surface, not the whole shape or anything. Shift and click doesn’t work either. How do i expand the uv face selection? Are there better ways of texturing a cyclinder?

Any help?

If you just need to select All faces to do the unwrap, press A (may need to press it twice if you allready had a few faces selected).

If you need to select less than all faces, alt-clicking in face mode does a Face Ring Select that can be really handy if you’ve got quads.

In most unwrapping cases, you’d want to go into edge mode and mark edges as seams (ctrl-e menu) - the ‘unwrap’ unwrap uses them to cut the uv layout into islands and, if you like, slice into the islands so they unfold better. (You can actually mark a cube as if to cut it so that it unrolls into a cross shape and the unwrapper will do that for you while leaving it in one piece; it took me a while to figure out in 3d which cuts needed to be made for that.)

Also, after you’ve done seams, you can go to face select and hit ‘f’ while hovering over a face in the 3d view, which will ‘flood fill’ select faces as blocked by seams. Great for ‘where in the uv is this section’ and ‘did I actually isolate faces or is this going to leak on that bevel triangle or some unwelded vert or something’.