trying to UV unwrap and blender just stares at me

Hello, the first time I tried to unwrap this it gave me the famous “not to scale message thing.” Not to sure what that means. Pressed ctrl A like other post have said. Tried to unwrap again and it doesn’t do anything now but mock me.


Not sure what your problem is… This is in your file when I open it: All unwrapped and ready to go - is that not what you want?

Of course you will need to be in a screen layout that has a UV/Image editor viewport to see the result…:wink:

Remove the Render Result from the Image Editor window with the X button

Ah! I always have “Load UI” turned off, so I did not see that the render result was blocking your UV view… Sorry!

Yep, cerebral flatulence. It’s always seemed to default to the Render Result being off before. Thanks.