trying UV projector..

Hi to all !

I have a problem whit UV projector , maybe I have a wrong pipeline

  1. Rendering from camera
  2. draw on rendering
    2,5) use the image texture like UV for the object
  3. put the rendering on the UV projector modifiers and select like object the Camera

the error is :

Thanks for help!:wink:


Use Seams (Ctrl-E) to slice the Mesh like you would use a scalple to cut the skin off a real hand and use F, U and Unwrap to get a UV Projection map in the UV Editor. Then use the Save UVFace Layout script to export a .tga of that layout to the folder you choose. Paint on that .tga, resave it, and UVMap it to the arm (or whatever) again.


He is talking about the new UV project modifier.
It seems that there is a bug in the cvs version and the projected image doesnโ€™t match the world texture