This was more or less the first time i tried something with blender and actually finished it. And it was the first time i use materials. So, please rate and comment :slight_smile: :spin:

with beam




I assume it’s some kind of alien spaceship or top? Very good for your first completed model. You may wan’t to use ambient occlusion, however, if you’re rendering with Blender internal. To use it, select the render camera - click the shading button(the red sphere) - make sure your on the world button(blue &white globle) - click the ambient occlusion tab - and enable ambient occlusion. Then render and see the results.

I am not sure what it is … but it looks kinda funky :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe … it is an UFO xD

It looked like some sort of jewel… or knights shield of somesort…

sure: a beaming watch / bracelet :eyebrowlift:

I like it, good job! although it looks like one of the balls on the UFO is smoothed unlike the others, at least that’s what it looks like.

well infact, they’re al smoothed. But there made out thick glass and inside the bulbs, there is a lamp. So i think it’s more or less a sucking reflection. But… don’t know :RocknRoll: