I’m putting together a 3-part scene where I have ice, water and water vapor from left right. I have the water down for the most part. The next step is the vapor. I’ve been having some issues just with getting the scene to look interesting. I more used to working with Cycles. The current scene state is here as well. I haven’t yet started on the ice yet. That’s the next step after I get vapor worked out completely. Any suggestions on water or vapor would be helpful at the moment.

Here is the .blend for the vapor:
Triptych Vapor.blend (661 KB)

I know it’s frowned upon to reply to your own post, but I’ve been having a serious amount of trouble getting any further with the Blender internal engine. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.

What do you need help with? I’d probably do the ice in cycles.

It’s just that the smoke is very lackluster compared to the water. The water looks great, and I’m already working on the ice in Cycles. I’m used to working in Cycles and I get genuinely decent results with it. The Blender internal engine is the only one that does smoke, though and it kind of looks like crap. I’m just trying to figure out how to get it to look better.

there are number of tutorials on youtube, the one from which i think you can get help is this one.

it goes over a number of different settings which may be able to help you!