Tub Med

Hey guys! :slight_smile:
I’ve been messing around with this for a little while over here:
It obviously went through many changes, but I finally settled on this more simple design. The idea was to have a nice retreat at the end of the day, with a nice view and a mostly open plan, but it changed to what I would say is a more cozy/fun room. I decided to go with some cool Mediterranean-inspired colors, because I really dig them, and I suppose I’ve been watching too much Travel Channel :slight_smile: Anyway, made in Blender 2.71, rendered in Blender Internal. Artwork on the wall was made by me a while back in Vue 8xStream(this particular version is near the end of my Sketchbook). It was lit using 4 Area lights, one Sun, and one Hemi light, no AO or Environment lighting was used. High Pass Filter, and Bloom added in GIMP/G’MIC.

Some “making-of” stuff(more in the link above):

Vicky!!! I Love this!!! The tile floor is crazy and I really love the vase on the shelf.

If I had to pick something to adjust it would the texture of the wall. It seems a little large compared to what I normally see in a real bathroom. But, I’m not sure that I worry about changing it either. Your call either way, right? :smiley:


Thanks tc2466! :slight_smile: Probably right about the wall, it was actually meant to be more subtle :slight_smile:

Came out really great Vicky. Glad you changed your mind on that lime green … lime should always be reserved the top of a margarita :slight_smile:
I won’t lie… I miss the platforms, but based on the smaller final size you made the room, they would seem out of place I think. The additions you made with the shelf and decorative objects really add a nice touch and complement the color schemes very nicely.

@harleynut97: Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: I had to install some “smart glass” so The Inspector can no longer peek in :wink: I actually love that green, but it’s really overused as far as what I’ve been seeing lately in interior design. The platforms are cool, and I’ve seen some beautiful bathrooms with them, but yes, out of place here for sure. :slight_smile:

To follow your WIP was quite a journey. Lots of interesting design studies and changes on the way. And I like the end result. A very lovely colour scheme and a really well-made interior render.

I’m curious. Could you tell us the purpose of that hemi light below the floor, please? Which effect does that have in your render?

AWESOME! Really enjoyed the wip thread for this. Congrats on finding something you’re happy with. It looks fantastic

@minoribus: Thank you very much! :smiley: The hemi light brightened up not only the room, but more importantly, the ceiling. I was trying not to use AO or Environment lighting(and I didn’t), so I had to come up with another way to add that GI-like/light bounce “feel”. The light above the ceiling is one of two lights with shadows turned on, so it darkened my ceiling a bit more than I could stand, and the lights from the sides weren’t illuminating it too well. Not to mention, AO or Env lighting would have probably doubled my render time :slight_smile: Thanks for following my WIP! :slight_smile:

@Words: Thank you as well, for following the WIP, and the awesome comment! :smiley:

Vicky, what a lovely scene to see this morning. It really came out well. I especially like the floor. Great lighting too!

@Frobenius.Edge: Glad you like it, thank you! Many thanks to you as well for following this, I really appreciate it :smiley: :slight_smile: