tube from point to point.

I’d like to make a tube connecting two points (one on arm, another on shoulder) that bends around sortoff rubber hose like when the armature moves. Anyone know of tutorials, etc. to do this in blender?

I don’t know of any tutorials nope :frowning:

I did it! (sorta)
the setup that worked for me was a “fan” setup.
imagine a joint (shoulder, or for simplicity, elbow)
now a tube runs from the forearm to the bicep, creating a nice ark across the inner-elbow (elbow -pit?)we have bicep and forearm bone right? now picture the tube is on the edges of a fan, which unfolds across that joint. by weighting the rings or cross-sections you should be able to get it to fan out reasonably well.
This means you will not really get an accurate physical tube. But the deformation is not hideously ugly- it should work for stills (esp. w/ tweaking) and it might even look ok in animation- I haven’t tried that yet, but I don’t need to animate this char- just pose it.
ps- I’m a happy blenderer: got publisher, am drooling in anticipation of new features, started playing w/ python and gameengine. Both very cool.