Tube-Going photo real


I´ve decided to make a photoreal tube of painting.
This is what i came up with after 45 minutes of work. What do you think?


Good start -
the deformation seems a bit awkward to me somehow though

I would maybe put this in the advanced critique forum?
Because photo real is not an easy thing to do and you might get more constructive comments over there to help you with the process

good start. :slight_smile:

(hopefully) helpful crits:
at the top of the tube, the silver part that leads down from the lid, shouldnt really be bent like that (there appears to be creases leading right up to it ). Whenever I have a tube of anysort, that part is always very firm and doesnt bend much if at all.

the actual tube looks lumpy. have a look for some photos or even better, find a tube of something and see how it looks. the tube would have been handle and we tend to sqeeze things out in a certain way…you need to get that look of, this has been used.

yea thats a good idea, you could take a tube of toothpast but i am afaid it would not give you the result your after being the tothpaste tube is plastic if you have time go to a local art store there mabe a little more help there, but i think your after a tube that has been used a couple of times id say buy a tube of paint but the stuff is expensive, try an art school that might be your best bet for good referance mat.

I was not satisfyed about the first model so i dicided to make a new model with a real painting tube as refference. I have not used more than a few minutes on the ligtning and materials so please be friendly :smiley:


Much better than your first pic!
Keep it that way!

I will keep the model like that :smiley:
Do you have any suggestions for making the metal material on the back part of the tube? Anyone who remember how to make a image material look good att a cylinder?

I use the “Cube” setting for all my shapes, it works well.

The tube could use a few sharper creases (assuming it’s a metal tube) and the bottom part of the tube needs a fold and a stamping mark. Don’t know how to better explain that, but every tube I’ve seen has been machine pressed at the bottom and it leaves markings.

MoonDragon: My reference tube has been used by a real painter and he have not pushed into any sharp creases, but i think it maybe will be a great idea to make it look better, i will try to make some experiments.
I fixed the machine press in the botttom. I will make the stamp with a nor map when i get to texturing. Here is some views so you got a good a look on it as me.


Henrymop: I have tryed what you said but i get problems. As you see on the image it dont fit right…

note: iam a newbie att materials…


This looks much much better :slight_smile:
one thing Im a bit worried about is that the top of the tube (lip end) looks rather wide. This might just be me, but if you shrank the top a bit, I think it would help the overall look.

I cant wait to see it with some texturing :slight_smile:


Yeah i also think it looks better now :smiley: in those shots with 4 views u just got i turned the light down a bit, i think that helped too see the actual shape of the tube…
I will try to experiment with sharp creases and a smaller top when i come home for school ;D

well its long time since last post… i had to learn more about binding images to a mash (im still a newb…) so thats what the time has been used for. i think both the nor map on the cover of the tube and the stamp on the end turned out pretty well. Ive also set some new light on and made a new metal like texture on the red part of the tube


nice. I like the cap. perhaps a little too much reflection on the silver part?

yeah you are right with the reflection. That will be fixed in the next update. im going to bind a image to the tube also.

This is looking pretty good :smiley: keep it going-
cant really offer any creative comments lol