Tube Of Ooz To a MaD LaB (Update 7/14/04 Pg 3)

Im working on some sort of scene. Will be the first scene i do. So far ive only done tons of objects so here we go.

Im planning on doing maybe a mad scientists lab. With some sort of frankenstine look to it. You kow with the lightning towers. It really just started on me waiting for an email and this is what i did in 5 min.

Please C&C

The cloud texture doesn’t really work with that. Also you could turn OSA on. I am also working on something of the sort, but I havn’t got time to work on it. My textures and materials still need work, but here is an example: Its a nive start, but needs work :wink:

What about the texture on the ooz?

Im still working on it so what ever makes it look best will work for me.

What do you think about the tube itself?

The tube itself is alright, though it would look better with more details. I would take down the reflections some…and the ooz still looks wrong, lol.

Ok i like this one a lot.

What kind of detail do you think i should add to the tube?

Ahh, yes that texture is better cause now we know what your going for. I would add some transparency to it, and possibly make it glow. For the details you could add…Ummm, possibly like a button type thing that keeps it sealed and is used to take one of the ends of…a digital screen that displays temperature and what not. Some creases in your metal, wires maybe. Just be creative :wink:

Messing with the world settings and i turned AO on
I didnt like it but here it is.

And here it is with one of the lids off just to show that it does glow just the other glass tube messes it up

Those two images look exactly the same…lol, and I would turn AO off…it really throws the render off.

edit: Now they are different…did you edit it? lol slaps computer

Hmmm, I know there is a way to give it an actual glow factor, where the light is faded around the tube, I just don’t know how to get the effect.

Well if anybody know I would greatly apprecitate it.

Im now adding detail to the Lid pieces.
Update soon.

ok added a button im gonna add a lil cover to go over the buttons.

Please C&C

first off turn your AO sampling settings higher!

I dont’ really like it - very boring - sorry! :-?

AO isnt on and this isnt the scene i was talking about this just one of the objects thats gonna be in the scene. But thanks for the reply!

How about packing some of these in a crate for shipping to another planet or something along those lines? Not necessarily a wooden “crate”, of course, but maybe a specialized alloy carrier to contain an array of these.

What about the rest of the environment? What are your plans for that? How do they get filled? Are you going to build some type of robotic assembly line? :wink: That would be kinda coo…

Too jaggy, needs OSA.

Update I made a hall of them i may add like a cart with some of them on it.

Looks cool, but the floor should probably be made of some type of metal, with only a minor bit of reflection, IMHO.
Keep going man!

Ok major update here.

Did a bumpmap of a steel floor thingie.
First time i did an external texture for blender.

They are to bright IMO and the floor is to reflective,

Crap and i really like my floor.
Why do you think its TOO reflective?

Well if you like it like that, than keep it like that. You don’t have to change everything I don’t like, lol. I just think that it makes it look like glass. You should take down the reflection some and make it look more like metal, maybe add some textures to make it look roughed up, IMO.