Tube Wall Thickness

how can one increase the wall thickness while creating the mesh object " tube " ?

is it possible to change this afterwards ?

OK, I’m assuming you want to create the tube using meshes rather than curves.

Just adding a tube to the scene will give you a tube but a very thin one. To make a thicker tube, I would start off by adding a circle rather than a tube when I space > add > mesh > . . .

Once I have my circle mesh for example in top view, I can select all the vertices and extrude them outwards like this:

Then I can change to front view or side view which ever you prefer, select al the vertices and extrude them up/down. Something like this:

There you have it, a thicker tube. You could have added a tube from the start, select all of its vertices and extrude it out but I don’t think you’ll like that very much.


Thanx a lot for yr descriptive reply - guidance. I hv tried this method earlier.

Just wanted to know whether possibility is there to use the tube mesh and get this effect.

Thanx again

I’m no Blender guru… but it seems like there should be a way of doing that with just a tube.

Again, assuming a tube mesh instead of a curve, if I start with a basic tube:

And then extrude that, but hit <esc> immediately, so I have a tube that is extruded in no dimensions…

Finally, hit “s” to scale, and immediately hit “x” twice, to scale in the tube’s local X-axis only… (so this will work no matter which angle the tube is pointing…) Keep note of how many Blender Units you scale it in the X-axis.

and again, hit “s” to scale, and immediately hit “y” twice, to scale in the tube’s local Y-axis only. Scale it the same number of Blender Units that you scaled it in the X-axis.

That should extrude the tube mesh out equally around, no matter which angle the tube is turned, without the chamfering effect that I believe Wolf was trying to avoid.

A little more involved, but not much… and it uses a tube mesh instead of a circle mesh, which tupulur seemed to require.

… or am I missing something obvious?


To scale both in the x and y at the same time and exclude the z-axis. Press s to scale and then shift-z. Saves you from having to scale twice – once in x and then once in y.


Fussymoose and GreayBeard

thnx a lot for the suggestions…tried both !!

while GreyBeard’s suggestion works real good, when i adopt the method of Fussymoose it gives raise to a chamfer at the ends of the tube which is not what i want:

i don’t know how to upload the rendered images and hence am unable to :<