I want to make a simple tube using blender but it has to have a thickness.

something like a straw but with a thick edge - I seem to struggle - i thought I could make a circle and select all the outer faces and extrude but they do not form the wheel type shape i need to then make into the tube.

not sure if this makes sense , basically a circle with a circle inside, I created one this way but I had to manually join all the vertices and then makes the faces.


select all faces then alt-s for shrink/flatten

Select all the verts of your circle and make sure pivot point is set to median (default) then:

  1. e – extrude
  2. esc or RMB – to stop the automatic grab of the new verts.
  3. s – scale the extruded verts


Thank you greybeard - so easy when you do things in the right order !!