My latest project.
wip Treath is here:

you can view the pictures in high resolution on my website



When I first saw the title of this post I thought “Oh no, some beginner learned how to add a cylinder and wanted to share it :rolleyes:”

So this was quite a pleasant surprise. It’s pretty amazing scene. The only small critique I have is that the you can tell the grass is a mesh. You might want to experiment with hair particles, because they can give sometimes great results.

Wow!! I’m like nickclaw… I saw tube and thought this would be lame… Really not lame!! pretty amazing. I agree, see what you can do with hair particles, and just keep at it… good work!

This is amazing. definitely banner worthy. reminds me a little of avatar and halo. I especially like the particles floating in the air

agreed about the hair particles but besides that, this is astounding!! :smiley: I love the contrast between all the metal and the lush flora

this definitely surpasses ‘yellow cube with interesting lighting’.

amazing… . . . . . … . . . . . … . . . . .
This is amazing.


Awesome work! Reminds me of Halo, but it looks really good, really great detail.

Cool images. The title really lowers expectations. :wink:

Incredible piece of work man!

thank guys :slight_smile:

about the Particles: There shall be no grass on the ground. It is supposed to be a mud like material where the plants grow.

excuse my english :confused:

I’m far from making such good things…

Great work! :yes: I like the technologicaly advanced tube look…growing plants in mud. :smiley:

nice work dont really got a critique
congratz on the banner!

I really like the way you’ve a combined a high-tech mechanical environment with an organic alien landscape. Well done!

My only crit is concerning the transition between the grass and the tube. It is too abrupt. Using hair particles to simulate grass (as nickclaw suggested) would help to smooth out the transition.

And congrats on getting the banner :smiley:

Happy Blending!

I do like the look of this image it is very nice and simple.
Congrats on the banner! :wink:

Very good work on the tube itself and the blue bobblehead things.

Depending on if the green stuff is fluid, you might want to make it more transparent around the edges.

It’s Beautiful, nice work and congratulations on the banner!

Shouldn’t there be seven specular highlights instead of one?
Unless those luminous rings are not casting light…

Anyways… congrats on the banner :smiley:

that is so beautiful sir :slight_smile: