Tubes closing

I’ve got a pipe mesh that I built with a tube, and now I’d like to close off the ends. Is there a way of doing this easily other than adding a cylinder to the ends of the pipe?

I don’t understand you completly, but I think you mean you created a standard cilinder, and you want it closed at the ends? OK, the way to do it:

extrude one end twice. Don’t go far with the extrusion, it should leave a fine rim. I said twice, because when you sub surf the pipe , the ends should stay sharp, and not like a sausage.

Select the edge vertices. W–>merge vertices.

Select the mesh
enter edit mode.
select the last ring of vetices of your tube
press E-key to extrude
select region
press Esc key
press W-key
select merge
select at center :smiley:

Thanks cool, it even looks pretty smooth