Tubes from curves?

I have a 2d bezier curve and i need a 3d tube to follow this curve, is this possible?

So far I can only achieve half tubes with the bevel settings but need a full tube (can have open or closed ends).

create a bezier circle and name the ob to something nice… then select your curve and write the name of the just created circle to the “BevOb:” field.

hope this helps

I keep getting an error message : “bevel object must be a curve” when it is a curve…Doesnt matter though - I’ve got the tube effect with dupliframes and surfaces.

Thanks anyway. :smiley:

Ok, the dupliframes wont give tight corners without distortion so it’s back to bevel objects. Why do i keep getting the above error message? Is it because i have 2 curves as 1 object that i’m trying to get a bevel on?

I’m tryig to use bezier curves closed to a circle as the bevob but it keeps saying the error message in my first post.

Any idea why?

You use one curve as the path and the other curve (a curve circle) as the BevOb. Give the curve circle a name like BevCircle (the name goes in the Ob: field in the button header bar). Select curve path and type the name of the curve circle in the BevOb field (lower right center) while in the Edit buttons (F9). That should do the trick!

Ah right, I’ve got it working now - it was because i had 2 curves in oned object, i’ve spit it now and i’s working fine. Thanks for your help.