Tubular Bells Wallpaper

Being a fan of Mike Oldfield I was looking for a wallpaper featuring the tubular bells that can be seen on some covers of his albums. Didn’t find anything good so made one myself. Nothing really special, just thought I’d show it here…


1024x768 version


That came out very well. I am familiar with the original and you have done it justice.


Good to see someone has a clue what is Mike Oldfield here. :slight_smile:


I’m a pretty big fan also. Thanks for the new wallpaper.

That’s a nice and simple wallpaper, thanks!
The only little crit would be that there’s a problem with the mesh at the top right bend, it seems its folded into itself, probably caused by a too sharp turn in the curve that you bevelled (I’m assuming that’s how you modelled this.)

Zsolt (another Mike Oldfield fan)

Curve beveling is essencially neccesary for those kinds of things since you can’t loft objects. To get a shape that good he must’ve had done it that way.

Thanks for your comments.

And no, I’ve been wondering the same but there is no problem with the mesh, it reflcts in such a weird way…


Who doesn’t know Mike Oldfield? I’m a fan too and my father is an even bigger fan. He has every CD. “Tubular Bells” is great but I like “Voyager” even more.

Great rendition of the cover. I’d use it as wallpaper if the background was not black. That’s too dark to me.

I used to be a real Jarre fan before he went too popish, but mike has always been there, now more than ever, treated myself to a copy of Tubular bells 2003 on DVD audio, Fantastic! :smiley:

New wallpaper is installed, Thanks! :smiley:


…cool. As a guitar player, I’m also a huge fan of Mike Oldfield.

The reflections look as weird as the original reflections - chrome is chrome ;).