TUHOPUU-3 BUILD WOES - (resolved)

can’t build tuhopuu3 for the life of me (scons).

downloaded from here (burnt to CD and transferred to my box)

where error appears: PNL_SETTINGS undeclared, this is apparently in interface_panel.o

I can build official source and some other flavors w/o any problems.
Can someone check this out and instruct me?

(I’m on ubuntu warty atm, alternatively sarge)

It’s possible what you got was in the middle of an update. Did you try downloading it again?

If that doesn’t fix it you may have to wait a couple of days for that PNL_SETTINGS thing to be defined, or you can just define it yourself and see what happens…

Hope this helps.

( forgot to add: same thing with ‘make’ )

I’m not that brave to do it by myself yet. I’ll wait.

If there’s anything else to it, please, those of you who know, help!

Well, it appears to be a new item and I haven’t messed with the 2.4x CVS code…

Open source\blender\src\interface_panel.c (using Notepad!) and make sure it says
#include “interface.h”
up at the top with all the other includes.

Next, open source\blender\include\interface.h (with Notepad) and look at all the lines that say
#define PNL_GRID 4
(anything that begins with PNL_)
and see if it has PNL_SETTINGS there. If not, add it and give it a number that doesn’t include bits from other flags, for example:
#define PNL_SETTINGS 32

If that doesn’t work you’ll just have to wait… sorry.

Or talk to lguillaume who built this:



w00t … I looked here

-forum breaks the url, and tags, too: copy/paste-

and there’s :
#define UI_PNL_SETTINGS512


officially, I’m lost …

Well tedi, I can’t give you a crash course in C…

Your best bet is just to wait a couple of days and try checking out the CVS source tree again.

Sorry I wasn’t of more help.

tuhopuu3 is completely dead, so it isn’t going to be fixed. Pretty much everything interesting is in the main tree asside from the rest of the UI port which will happen for 2.41.


humm …

/* check open/collapsed button */
if(block-&gt;panel-&gt;flag & PNL_CLOSEDX) {
if(uevent-&gt;mval[1] &gt;= block-&gt;maxy) button= 1;
else if(block-&gt;panel-&gt;control & UI_PNL_CLOSE) {
if(uevent-&gt;mval[0] &lt;= block-&gt;minx+PNL_ICON-2) button= 2;
else if(uevent-&gt;mval[0] &lt;= block-&gt;minx+2*PNL_ICON+2) button= 1;

else if(block-&gt;panel-&gt;control & UI_PNL_SETTINGS) {
if(uevent-&gt;mval[0] &lt;= block-&gt;minx+3*PNL_ICON) button= 3;
else if(uevent-&gt;mval[0] &lt;= block-&gt;minx+PNL_ICON+2) {
button= 1;

if(button) {

if(button==2) { // close
rem_blockhandler(curarea, block-&gt;handler);
addqueue(curarea-&gt;win, REDRAW, 1);
else if (button==3) { /* settings */
if (block-&gt;panel-&gt;flag & PNL_SETTINGS) block-&gt;panel-&gt;flag &= ~PNL_SETTINGS;
else block-&gt;panel-&gt;flag |= PNL_SETTINGS;
addqueue(curarea-&gt;win, REDRAW, 1);

is there a possibility that in latter elseif there should be UI_PNL_SETTINGS instead of PNL_SETTINGS? (that’s from the website)

it’s in /src/interface_panel.c (don’t know which line, from web …) i’m not on my linuxbox now.

stop it, tedi !

i don’t know when that tarball you’re using was taken, but it looks like is was caught in the middle. At least when i check out t3 from CVS it compiles with scons. But that’s pretty much all. Due to all the changes in armature system and the modifier stack we finally gave up syncing t3 somewhere in the void. So even if you’ll get it built, it will be far from beeing usable.

As LetterRip said t3 is dead and died in a cruel struggle to keep up with the BF tree. So all that’s left there is a historical document on thrown away coders efforts. Like porting half edge editing from ‘wings’ iirc, on which i still have a split opinion, but more based on the coders behavior than the code itself.


it was todays tarball (04-12-2005).

did a clean CO on tuhopuu3 and did end up with the same error you got with scons.
But it’s infinte unlikly any of the coders will look at that.

BTW before CO out clean i had to move loads of private fixing code aside :slight_smile:

Hm, looks like that error’s my fault. I committed something just then that hopefully will allow it to build, give it a try.


ouch …


is the ‘compiler_fix.diff’ the right one?

it might only be me, but I propose that T3 gets polished so it can retire with dignity. I’m particularly fond of uv-relax and I’d like to build it with my speed optimization flags.

No, I committed it to tuhopuu3 CVS - you can do a CVS update to get it.