Tuhopuu questions

Is there a difference between Tuhopuu and Tuhopuu 2?
Is there an available download link over HTTP (not FTP)?


Alexandre Rangel

Yes. Tuhopuu2 is a restart, branched from (I think) bf-blender 2.28, with popular features of the original tuhopuu coded back in. You can get binaries in this thread:


Thanks, harkyman!
Got it and loved the numeric input, axis gtuide drawing, edge loops, customizable interface, knife tool…

When will the new functions of Tuhopuu 2 come to “regular” Blender? Knife, Numeric input…

Some in 2.3, some later on, Ton knows…


Knife and numeric input are already in the bf-blender cvs, so they will be in 2.3