Tuhopuu Renderman Rumors

Is there any truth to the Tuhopuu with Renderman support rumors?


It’s much more than a rumor, the code is already commited and being updated pretty much everyday.


Yeah, and if you go to the Aqsis website, choose Forums/Blender and someone (nick: LG) even has a Windows build available. I never got it to render, but you can see how it is implemented, what options and so it uses. Cool stuff!!
( Of course, there is the Luxo type AVI available with great motion blur as well in their gallery)
It gettin’ near, I tell ya! It’s gettin’ near!

Thanks guys! The latest version of Tuhopuu that I have is the one with LSCM mapping and uv painting. I didn’t see it in that build or see a new update on the org with this feature.