tuhopuu shadow mapping

this was announced in the current develpment digest on blender.org. anyone knows if it’s already implemented? if, how to use it? i was excited and searched (in the latest tuhopuu build), but didn’t find anything.

Search for “tuhopuu040712”. That is what I used.

yeah, and you just add a spot lamp, settings work somewhat like for rendering

you need a geforce3/radeon9500 or newer though

or, you need to use mesa. I uploaded a mesa dll for windows, but I’m informed it requires another dll [msvcrtd.dll] to work. [mesa is software opengl]. also, when I tried running blender with mesa a lot of the ui graphics were messed up [and menus did not show up at all]

well anyway, you should have read
in the first place

thanks guys. i see it’s time for HW-upgrades.

i cant find it :(.



erm sorry for being a pain i cant find it and if thats what i got it aint working.

hehe i found it.