tuhopuu soft bodies?

are soft bodies working in tuhopuu3? i renamed my mesh, and object to ‘softcube’, and got the panel in the particle buttons, tweaked the settings a bit ( no idea what they mean for the most part ) set sumo on, made some keyframes so the meshes would collide,… rendered,… nothing. am i missing something, or are they just not functional yet?

Bumping::: Had the same problem.

I couldn’t get them to work, either :-?

The (non existing) SB code of BF and Tuhopuu3 is identical. So you can make things wobble, jiggle and fold by shaking or deforming the original mesh. Collision however is not coded yet, because some design decisions have to be made first. And don’t tell me “collision is working for particles, why not copy that code ?” . In fact it does not work with rigged objects … it’s funny to watch particles to be reflected on the “restpos phantom” of an animated character.
The way it is now, it only works for meshes, but we’d like to have it for lattices, armatures etc too.


the vectors:


thanks bj. i got them to work finally. having a bit of trouble controlling them though!

What is Tuhopuu?

search, google, help yourself… but anyway

it’s an experimental branch of the official bf-blendertree. now better dont ask what bf-blender is :wink: j/k