tuhopuu UV mini tut first time finished

i started an attempt to document the new UV editor/calculation functions in tuhopuu
WARNING nasty lycos ADS!

fabulous! keep it up!

The little you put up is awesome.
Thankyou and blendix for the work on the UV editor. Its going to be a real timesaver.

bjornmose - thanks a bunch for taking the time to post this. I know that documenting stuff isn’t nearly as much fun as coding it, but it makes a world of difference when users can understand the breadth of new features- and appreciate the effort put into them. Kudos! :slight_smile:


That is very cool! I’m going to be using Tuhuppo now, that heal function and the others save so much stress.

Just out of curiousity, I was wondering if there is any way or if there are plans to impliment an option to export my UV coords to a jpg… I get tired of copying to clipboard, cropping to perfect square, and then painting my textures over that. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to do, since the 3d window already has an option to save its view.

theeth has a script for that somewhere


does it have to be a jpg? 2.32 comes with the UV export script to TGA.

You are becoming a Blender UV development legend bjornmose. Keep it coming!

i think i am done for the first attempt
update is on the same place


just did what i felt was needed to make it of any use.
And BLENDIX did a lot , I would not want to claim for.

bjorn the moose

Thanks for doing this, I thought about it, but never actually started writing. I never really understood were I would use the align tool, but it’s really cool now I see it working.

I can add some stuff to the tut and clean up the layout, next weekend, when I’m through my exams :D.

Where? This is a script, or an integrated feature?


in File, Export, UV face layout. it comes as a standard script in the script folder. set up your UV layout in your UV editor the way you want it and then export it.

you can dump scripts into your scripts folder and then go to your filepaths and click the button next to python. It’s the button that when you pass over it, it says ‘re-evaluate scripts registration in menus’.

If your using windows Look in program files\blender foundation\blender.blender\scripts and you’ll find the scripts that came with 2.32.

Hallo bjornmose
I lke your tutorial but not the banner (lycos it’s terrible with Opera), so I have created a free web site for you.

(password and ftp address in a private message)

can’t see neck_shot.gif, faceselect.gif, neck_topshot.gif, albefore.gif on http://mosebjorn.altervista.org/; can’t see one site on http://.lycos.



thanks, can you pm to blendix too ?
i think he is next


UV basics …
creating a link circle

Cleaned up layout a bit, added some things. Suggestions are welcome, both for the tutorial and functionality itself.


On a side note, I added some small things to the code today (not mentioned in the tutorial): made colors in the UV editor themeable, added possibility to draw faces, that are selected in the UV editor, in the 3d view (like Monkeyboi suggested), and Shift+Alt RMB in face select mode will now select a face in the UV editor.


Am I missing something 'cause I can’t get the UV Calculation panel to appear.
The Links and Materials, Texture face and Mesh panels are all there when I select UV faces.
Can you help