Tulip & Wine_ interior rendering

Hi guys!
Always in the goal to make know Yafaray & Blender, I made an other tutorial on those both amazing software, for the french magazine " Interiors Creation". Especially this time, I treat Yafaray materials and how to configure them ( all: Shiny, Glossy, Blend,…). I hope you’ll enjoy, leave comments & critics! :wink:

how long did it render?
nice one!! like the colors!

The origianl size is 2380 x 2800 px, and render time 2h 30. Made with blender 2.49b + yafaray 0.1.1 on a Core2 Quad 9400 ( 4 cores).

Excellent render overall! Two questions: how was the wall texture done; and would you recommend sticking to 2.49/Yafaray over 2.6x/Cycles for productions such as this?

The wall was created with a simple plane with a bump map. For your second question, i can’t recommend one or the other, because algorithm is not the same ( Yafa is a biaised render, Cycles is unbiaised), and the way/philosophy to create this kind of render is different. Yafaray is very easy to use, versatile and faster if he’s optimized well. Cycles is very interesting if you have a powerful graphic card with Cuda ( from GTX 460 to stronger) and his node system is modern, but Cycles needs more time to be enhanced with more features ( Poton Mapping, SPPM, Camera response like the first releases,…). The better way to know is to try and work with the both renderer.

That’s a beautiful render! I wouldn’t have made the light on the right cast patterns on the wall but other than that it’s perfect.

Very impressive render :slight_smile:

I am trying to find errors but I can’t find any. Great job!

This is unpleasant! Your images are so good that it makes me want to try Yafaray when I’m actually trying to make the best of BI until I can get my hands on Cycles. Really distressing as I don’t have much time for any of that…
Actually I did use Yafaray in the past a bit and I liked it, in a past blender release when it was integrated and you could use the blender materials… worked nice… then blender upgraded and I didn’t have the patience to follow with yafaray.
There is nothing I want to criticize here, small scene but very pleasant. It also has a sharpness and contrast I like, it’s photorealistic but also almost like an illustration. Very nice job! I’m sure your article attracted some attention to Blender and Yafaray.

I must comment again, as I keep returning to this render over and over. Along with the other recent render Riofranco posted, this is the most photorealistic vision I’ve seen from Yafaray. Usually Yafaray renders have “an artifact signature”, which tends to be overexposed indirect illumination. There is no sign of that here. The only potential artifact may be the reflection on the desk, right by the wall - I’m not 100% certain it’s realistic, but it may be and it’s acceptable.

So I have another question for Riofranco: could you share some wisdom in how to obtain such good results? A screenshot of the Settings panel used for this render in Yafaray would be ideal.

This (or the other render) should go in the Gallery. It’s unfortunate that somewhat understated brilliance such as this doesn’t usually make it.

Thank you all for your replies! I plan to translate and publish the tutorial on yafaray.org. For waiting, here a part ( light settings):

How did you do the material for the chair cushions?

Like that:

It’s a ShinyDiffuseMat shader, unwrapped, with a color channel map, and a Bump map. Later, I generated a texture pass in Blender Internal to enhance the fabric with the node compositor. That’s the power of the multi passes !

Riofranco, thanks a lot! I really appreciate you sharing your settings as there are a few things there I haven’t played with yet. These settings don’t completely eliminate noise, but the noise is very fine, without blotching, and has a photographic quality. This explains some of the appeal of your render. In fact this is exactly the type of noise which I usually add (at a slightly weaker level) to digital photos before saving them to JPG, to avoid colour banding. Very useful indeed, so thanks again.

And using texture pass from BI… loving it - smoke and mirrors, that’s what it’s all about! :smiley:

Looking forward to your next render. I’ll see if I can use what I’ve learnt for my own contribution soon.

Congratulations on this exceptional render, makes me want to try Yafaray. Colors and light are the most striking, giving this very pleasant atmosphere.

good job man congrats…

This work is amazing and proves that yafaray is being treated like the black ugly duck of blender artists community.
Cycles will be a good unbiased render.
But common, isn’t yafaray absolutly great and fast?
It’s the best open source biased render ever!
It has a lot of features cycles lacks, its much more fast and gives us perfect results.
The blender integration of cyles is much more poor than the yafaray integration.
Cycles requires more hardware and yafaray doesn’t.
I think the blender comunity has a debt to the yafaray coders!
Rio’s work shows that what i am saying is true! :wink:
Yafray was the only good gi engine for blender for years.
Lots of Blender users came to the community after watching the blender gallery with yafray renders.

Give yafaray a chance and yafaray will be generous with you!

why does it matter? Cycles will kill Yafa, Lux, VRay, Mental Ray, Povray and whatever other rays outside Blender. It’s all dark out there for people who look to much into the bright of Cycles.

great render anyway.

why does it matter?

Cycles doesn’t kill anything.
If projects like luxrender disapear it’s very bad even for the cycles project.
Cycles is good for unbiased renders.
Yafaray is perfect for biased renders.
Choosing only one of the unbiased renders is not very intelligent when we have great other choices.
Rio 's work shows this.

Thank you everybody, it’s a real pleasure to read your comments !:slight_smile:

>“why does it matter? Cycles will kill Yafa, Lux, VRay, Mental Ray,…”
I think Cycles will not kill anybody, and fortunately ! His real interest is to offer to Blender a powerful " internal" GI solution for who doesn’t want/know to plug an external renderer to Blender. Blender Internal will not be removed and Cycles will complete it, but needs more hardware than BI or Yafaray for example.
_" If projects like luxrender disapear it’s very bad even for the cycles project" > That’s right, CG artists can get the benefits of competition between softwares. As a designer, I know every technical drawing (watercolor, alcohol markers, color pencils ,…) has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s the same with every program, so CG artists community should have the choice to use the right software, tailored to their actual needs. Competition among software push them to grow and innovate. If you are the only publisher of 3D solution, you can force your prices, rules, and you allow yourself to remain poor because there is no one in front to provide better. The first victims will be the artists.:no:
I love how to configure Yafaray, it is very easy, and even if Vray is faster, Yafa is extremely quick to adjust, then you win a lot of time at the end.:cool:
In my opinion, Yafa may be the best rendering software (free) if it includes a number of functions or Vray Thea.

Sorry for my huge reply & my english.

Hi all!
Here a tip to make a carpet with particle system & Yafaray 0.1.1. I wish you’ll understand the translation…

" I wanted a round carpet with big hairs. I’m not trying to model an entire carpet just to render a part in the end. I initially creates a plan with a particle system type Hair, I converted particles from mesh modifiers (F9), then I apply to it a Script ( Mesh> Edges to Curve). I extrude hairs ( Editing F9> Curve and Surface> Extrude). The carpet is an arc with a particle system, but these hairs are replaced by the mesh previously modeled. To do this, change " Path" by " Object" ( tab Vizualisation in menu particle buttons). "