There is just a tiny part of it made in blender (the helicopter-sequence and the scene with the clouds in the end) but I decided to post it anyway, cause for both sequences the forum was a big help, especially @NRK, which is now part of blender.

Very interesting… glad the cloud script helped and thanks for crediting me. I’ve made movies and I know that you put a LOT of work in that, it’s not my style or perpective, but I appreciate it for what it is… good job, very nice visual work

Awesome! I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. Awesome awesome job! :smiley:

@NRK yeah, the style is not everybodys cup of tea, but thank you again. The whole community and the will to help others is something I really love about blender. I hope I can become nearly such a help to other blender users some time

@McThingy Hehe thank you! Really thank you! :wink:

Here you can see a short breakdown of the process

and some pictures and words on it can be found on