Tuning show

Hey !
This is my first finish car :

Let’s go for critics :slight_smile:

Nice start!

Very good to me.

Well, I think its a nice composition - and you have obviously spent a lot of time detailing the car

I’m guessing this has been done intentionally, but i should point out that practically every feature of the car is way out of proportion - e.g. the nose is enormous, and several panel seams simply dont bend in the direction they ‘should’ - the line between front left fender and bonnet is a good example.

I actually quite like the overall design of the car - it looks like the unholy offspring of a BMW ‘batmobile’ CSi, a Saab 900, and a Subaru WRX - its also reminiscent of a renault rally car with its fat wheel arches and boxy upper body. This car oozes character from it’s every panel :slight_smile:

If I was going to suggest a single area to work on, i would say modify the bonnet and everything in front of the front wheel arches to tighen it all up a lot. The front of the car look like its at least 25% too long. Even if you intended to exaggerate this aspect, In my view it ends up detracting from the image, because the wheel just disappears into the guards enormous expanse.

Hope that was helpful, and despite my crits, i really like the car.

Nice picture.
What bugs me is the car seems to be floating. it doesn’t stick to the ground. Shadows would fix that easily though.
Keep it up.

looks good, the car seems to be on a different angle then the floor.

Looks really good. But here is some things I noticed are out of proportion:

  1. Wheels are too far in the car and seem to be hiding under the body.

  2. Tires are too thin.

  3. Hood is almost horizontal. Needs to be raised.

  4. Height of roof is too high.

  5. Wheels also need to be bigger in diameter.

BTW I really like the neons. :smiley: They look sweet.

Hope this helps.

Post us an update soon.

Yet Another Car Without Sideview Mirrors… :wink:

Good modelling though, my only beef is the mirrors thing, and the hedlight has a couple of visible polys.

Other than that it’s an awesome car. :smiley:

Thanks to all for your critics, :slight_smile:
I’m going to make a new car, 'cause of it’s an interessant work.
And this was my first car, personally, I’m enough satisfied to my work :wink: