Tunish -Tuhopuu toonish icons

Download 'em (.png w/alpha. with source .xcf -gimp 1.3.19).

Tunish, the tuhopuu Toonish icons.

Made in blender, dropshadow added by gimp, resampled and exported to .png done in gimp as well.

Just a wip, unless you all approve of their current state. :wink:

These pngs with only show with alpha in decent browsers. When I say decent, I mean non-m$ bull crap, like I.E…


Very cool, look kinda like a mix of the old blender logo and the current one.
Whats with the test tubes though?
%| :smiley:

It’s for tuhopuu, as tuhopuu is the experimental/testing version of blender. I have regular versions of these icons on my website, I’ve posted them here before.

I know it’s not your favourite OS :wink: but I took the liberty of converting these to a Windows XP icon, in case any Windows users want to give it a go. Hope you don’t mind!

Click to download:

Thanks broken!!

I’m not a fan of windows, but I don’t hold a grudge against MS like some people do. It’s just that not the most functional software comes from them. :stuck_out_tongue: