Tunnel..C&C welcome :D

so this one really tested my skills at blender…but im happy i did it…supposed to be sometype of tunnel/silo/reparation/thing…:stuck_out_tongue:


Umm…ok i added some quick wires…


doesnt look too complicated at first but I can guess it really is and it took a long time. Very nice, just add some textures =) i’d give it a 4/5

beginning to look nice

the only thing i don’t understand is how come you have a spot light right under the fixture on the wall ?


I dont have any spots there all areas…and there poiting about to the middle of the floor…dunno why the “spots” are on the wall?if u guys want the blend file to see?

yup would be nice to see why these bright spots are there!

if you can upload the file

i’ll have a look later on or tomorrow morning

sorry i’'m working on doing animal faces with mesh and it’s taking a long time

  • to model a goat face believe me not easy to shape in proper form and get the righ feeling and model
    but with time it will come out nicecly

have fun


cant upload it cause its too big…i tried comppressing it but then it says invalid file?..so yea…good luck on the goat anyway :smiley:

Simplify it.

Delete all but let’s say one segment of the tunnel, and save with a different name (So you don’t save over your hard work). See if that makes it small enough.

If that doesn’t work, there are many free file hosting sites out there.

you need to upload onto an FTP site
or you cuold open an MSN account for email
and this gives you acces to 5 GB of free space also
where you can upload file then give us the URL for this file

you cannot upload blend file in the forum
try it and let us know

would be nice to find out what going on with this spot of light on wall! LOL


i tried megaupload but the page wouldnt load after that…and the msn thing i dont understand what you are trying to say?..but either way i did some work on it…added a good texture on the floor but ended up being crappy for some reason…and added some window thing that need much more work

Hope you Enjoy! -frustration-


Kind of lowpoly, you should at least use smooth shading.

Smooth Shading?

bit more progress…went abit higher oply…had to redo the whole outside cause of a couple faults in array and stuff…and a couple tweaks here and there…

enjoy -frustration-


it’s just that MSN offer a free web account with shared space and up to 5GB of space

it’s another way to upload files and share them

and also you can have another email that you can use independant of you personnel e-mail address
anayway if you find a place to upload then we can ahve a look on the file


Guess it only needs textures now… Nice work :slight_smile:

I’ve got some progress done but ill show tomorrow cause i dont have the time to render it and post it adn stuff…soo itll be up around 4:30 tomorrow :smiley:

Add a bump map to the floor, and use higher slight reflectivity.

Looking very good so far.

Yea about the Bump map…is there a way to add a bump map to a UV-textured object…cause that seems to be very difficult…

anyway i got some small updates…added a texture on the beam thing…made some better wires…small tweaks…and i also updated abit later because i had things to do…and i had some problems with some stupid exposure…somehow in the “radiosity buttons”…What are those anyway…and of course the render take about 20 minutes now :frowning: :no:

i still gotta fix the wires XD … and i gotta fix the texture on the beam also…much will come :smiley:


FINALLY!.. i found a way to uplaod the .blend file!.. heres the site::


(i copyright it XD…if you are gonna use just ask me please…)

(oh and slight reflectivity…oh and again is there a way to pause a render?)?

The modeling is definitely superb…