Tunnel Race 2035

(BgDM) #1

In the year 2030, an underground racing phenomenon will rise to the surface. Tunnel Racing will become part of the North American landscape and everyone will be hooked by the danger and drama.

Five years later, the first ever national televised broadcast will take place, bringing Tunnel Racing into a new era, and ever increased popularity. The following is a still image taken from NBC’s coverage of that first ever televised race.


Done entirely in Blender. Motion blur on in original image render, (background and gates only, car was not motion blurred), with some additional DOF added in Photoshop. All text added in Photoshop. This is supposed to look like an actual television broadcast with the ticker at the bottom showing current running order and the text on the right is to show the currect car stats and track stats.

Any comments are appreciated.


(sten) #2

awsome :slight_smile:

I wan to see even more !!!

much better !!! now, where’s the anime ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

(kaktuswasse) #3

hey nice to see you back in the house :smiley:
Really like that image!!
cya henrik

(digitalSlav) #4

hate to be the camera man keeping up with the 365kph car :slight_smile: brings new meaning to whiplash.

nice work once again.

(cohort) #5

Cameraman? In 2030? If so, it’s an eye implant, and we humans have a natural ability to track highspeed objects with our eyes - its part of being a predator, and easier than tracking stationary objects at times.

Tho more likely it’s a robotic camera.

(digitalSlav) #6

ok so much for a quirky joke :frowning:

(Hexa-dB) #7


The car looks a bit shiny and clean after flying through such a grubby tunnel… :wink:

(S68) #8


/me tto finds the vehicle a bit too shiny, but the environment is fantasic.

You shoud animate it :wink:


(BgDM) #9

Hmmm, animation eh? Well, now that I have After Effects, (woo hoo!!, BTW), I may just try that, Cause I can then make the ticker along the bottom scroll and make stuff flash on the screen as well. Need to learn it, but hey, maybe in the near future.

ummm, it’s, ahhhh…, Teflon coated. Yeah, that’s it, it’s Teflon coated so nothng sticks to it. :wink:

See above. :wink: Thanks for the comment on the environment. I was going to add some more stuff, but it was taking long enough to render as is.

Thanks for the comments.


(IMProvisar) #10

Actually, on the cameraman bit, I just did a conversion (forgot to write it down, but around 230mph for us Yanks, and those Brits use it too, right?). Looked up some stats on Indy racing, and that’s about what it takes to qualify for pole position (I guess it’s the average speed for one lap, but I’m not quite certain of the rules). And professional and high-end amateur dragsters do better within a quarter mile. Had an old roomate with a solid 9-second car, first-year Hemi Cuda, they stripped it, burnt it, and sandblasted it to reduce weight, then rebuilt it, the floorboard for instance is really thin tin… you can see dents on the inside from rocks coming off the tires… All but the #1 cylinder bored out, apparently they only check the #1 to make sure it’s a stock engine… 4-stage nitrous… Hehe… I got to ride in it once, but it only has one seat, so I had to sit on the nitrous bottle and wrap my arms around the cage… sweet ride… they hit 201mph once in a quarter Also had a friend when I was in Hawaii who was on the pit crew of the fastest car in Hawaii… still amateur, they ran alcohol, the weekend I went out they didn’t do too well… they were hoping to get under 7.0, but only got down around 7.15. I don’t recall the top speed… I think they hit 300mph by the end of the quarter. That is some serious racing… it takes just about an hour between runs… they rebuild the engine each time, lol. I think they sold it though… it was a big money pit since there were rarely any money competitions, and when there were the purses were like $1000usd or so. Anyhow… just to show that cameramen are traking vehicles that fast today, hehe.

Beutiful pic though… but why doesn’t it list #1 in the rankings? Or has it just scrolled off? I know the leader is in the shot, with all the stats, but the leader wouldn’t always be the one on-screen.


(BgDM) #11

IMProvisar - Yep, about 230 mph. Nice Cuda your buddy has too. I’m a huge Mopar fan. Great cars.

To answer your question on my image, the scroll bar has gone past #1 position and is only showing positions 2 to 9 currently. It is not the leader in the shot. If you look closely at the text in the upper right corner, it shows the current car stats, not the leader stats. Line 5 shows the current position for the car in the shot, which is Pos. 3.

Thanks for the comments.


(Gr8RedShark) #12

That is awesome looking! :slight_smile:

I think I like the ship looking this shiny. A really cool picture would be near the finish line with a few of these things racing through the tunnel neck-and-neck…

…so when’s the full version of this game coming out?

no forget that… where can i get my own tunnel racer? :wink:

(IMProvisar) #13

Doh, lol… didn’t read the whole thing.

You know, one thing I think is really sad is that I believe your resolution is probably just perfect. We still got NTSC, and it’s taking forever to switch to HDTV… It’d be nice to think TV would be 10,000x7,000 in 2035, but we’ll probably be stuck with whatever HDTV format becomes the standard in the next several years (please, please, please let it be one of the higher progressive scan formats).

Of course, with our luck it’s still gonna look like crap, lol. Had digital cable in Hawaii, and except for the fact that we got 4 different Discovery Channels (THE Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, which is now The Science Channel, and Discovery Wings) and we had a good on-screen guide, I hated it. There were very frequently quirks which would sometimes make the audio cut in and out and the video get all choppy with funky digital quirks… I guess you could compare it to really low bandwitch MPEG streaming problems. But, when it worked, it worked great.


(Andy Goralczyk) #14

hey, that’s pretty cool… but i think the lighting isnt dramatic enough for this scene. what about some red lights coming from the right foreground and blue lights [for the contrast] in the left background… dunno how it might look like, you gotta try it.

keep up making these shiny ref-map things :wink:

(stephen2002) #15

looks nice, now it needs to be animated!