Tunneling help

I’m still learning this program, but so far I’m coming along well I thing. I’ve set the motorcycle project aside for something a little simpler that I’ll be able to turn into a papercraft model more quickly so as to learn more about that end of it. so what it is is a model of Samurai Jack, based on one image from one angle, which required me to work out the views from the other angles on my own, which was a little more challenging that I anticipated, but I think I’ve managed that pretty well so far, and the model is nearly finished.

but one thing I need help with is that I need to punch rectangular holes down the center of the block-like hands in order for them to hold the handle of the sword, so using the bottom edges of the handle to define the tunnel. it is important that the holes be the exact shape of the handle (and just a touch larger to account for the width of the cardstock) so that it will fit, and be fully faced on the interior, as I believe this will improve structural stability. I also intend to use the technique to join several other parts, so even if I eventually decide that this isn’t the way to go for this part, I’ll still need to know it.

I am using version 2.71, and I have Loop Tools, as recommended to me to solve my previous roadblock.

you could use the knife project to cut hole though several layers of mat !

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how do I do that? I tried using knife project after selecting all the object concerned, thinking that that’s what would happen, but it kept giving an error saying I needed to select two or more objects, which I thought I had. I then tried joining them, but it still gave me the same error. I’m really not very clear on how to use knife or knife project.

okay, so now I tried something I found in a youtube tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qryNcBPHyE) which is pretty much exactly what I’m trying to do, and which I’m more comfortable with given my vector design experience, which is to add the boolean modifier, and select difference. I tried this exactly as the tutorial described, but nothing happened. it said the modifier applied, but when I removed the handle there was no handle-shaped hole to be found.

apologies if this reply appears after someone has addressed the issue. being new to the forum, all of my comments are subject to moderator approval.

you’ll have to provide more pics showing what you want to do !

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don’t worry, I just figured it out. this is probably a needlessly complex way, but…

-made a duplicate of the handle, enlarged slightly, and positioned it exactly where I needed
-cut it into two pieces (one for each hand), being careful to glide new edges along existing ones so as to maintain precise positions of the vertices that will form the tunnel.
-joined those newly separate pieces to their associated hand, and made new faces to connect the walls of the tunnel to the tops and bottoms of the hands.

now each hand has what I’ll call a donut hole to hold the sword handle. this also had a side benefit of forcing me to simplify and solve shape problems with the hands that would no doubt cause me headaches when working on them in Pekakura.

still show us results to see what you did !


here they are:

so you basically wanted to do a very low poly model for game engine I guess!
not a high res model


well it’s low-poly because it’s intended for eventual use in a papercraft model, and also because it’s Samurai Jack, who is distinguished by a very minimalistic and angular character design reminiscent of 50’s/60’s animation (http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/samurai-jack-vs-aku.jpg)

there is a special script to do paper model umwrap if needed

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well I have Pepakura. is the script better than that, or am I better off sticking with the dedicated program?

well script is made to work in blender
or if you already can do it with another one you know the use it
your choice

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