Tuntun's Gallery (updated May 06)

hi… im surprised i found a portion in this forum for non-blender works.
so i guess i’ll be sharing my works with you. All of them are digital… but i used the traditional way to create them… plain paint brush tools… and dodge tool for the others…
hope you;d enjoy them…

it’d be nice if you’d say what you think about them…
comments and crits are so welcome!

here is the first one… ill be posting the others soon…

Cordilleran Glow
I made this a year ago for a banner of website we made for a school project… Since i am studying right now in a cordilleran region(mountain ranged highlands)… this was my first attempt to try painting… so hope you;ll understand if there were something wrong with it…

[click on the image to view in more details]

this is the photoshopped version that i put under the original when placed it on the website.

[click on the image to view in more details]

that;s it for now… this will be updated as i upload the others…
thank you for viewing!


this one;s a quick sketch (with a mouse, can;t afford a tablet) i made for a friend(name’s gyang) in return of her on treating me a free henna tattoo last february. she refused to accept my payment back then so there, i made this one instead. now we’re even;)

[click on the image to view in more details]

Quite neat. This appears to be material for a high end scale glossy book.

yup thanks. il upload the others soon…

:frowning: im trying to upoad to others but they can’t be attached because they exceed the file size… do you know any secure image hosting sites where i can put my work and then get the url?

hmmmm I forgot, but one has a gig limit… google it perhaps?


I use it, and it really is the best file host on the net. Incredibly fast and useful, and I don’t think there’s a limit on space or bandwidth. very nice

Photobucket is really good!!!