turbine/aperture modeling?!?!!?

Hi does anyone know how to make an aperture like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbK2N7oBlVc icant find a good tutorial and i want the realism of the video

The shape itself is easy enough to make by modeling one of the blades and then using the array modifier.You will have to play with constraints to get the rigging right through (lock constraints should be fairly useful)

You will prob need the constraints to rotate each blade individually as well as around the middle as a whole.

texturing and lighting might be the hard part (at least it would be for me)

This tutorial should help you out a bit,you need to figure the rest out yourself.

thank you,it was hard to get someone to answer


I’ll try and recreate it later today (without textures since they aren’t my forte)

And you have to just create it in blender ;).

here is example how to do it: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/30584

And dont search tutorial for anything you want make. Figuring on Yourself how to do something will learn You a lot more, then just copy-pasting. Thats just my advice.

but why did you ask about a turbine ?
is it for a turbine or a camera ?

mind u principle is the same just the model shape


its the mechanical feel of a turbine but the mechanics of a camera. and thank you so much gorion this helped more than you can believe