Turbo Render - Cycles Renders 960x faster! 🚀

Did you just assume they all use Cycles ? ;p
What if some of them eyeballs are using Scanline renderer from 1995 ? ;p
Sorry Sorry, I will leave now…sorry…

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Those were the days :smiley:

Slight delay with the new release because I’ve just stumbled across what appears to be a Blender bug stopping the cache folder being set to whatever the user has selected in the user preferences when a new scene is created.

Ahh, Povray, with a side order of text file, followed by an overnight render to produce a 320x240 image… only to then find out you put a . in the wrong darn place and it all looks black.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled super fast, high quality renders… with a bit of late night coding :nerd_face:

PS. Yes I know Povray isn’t a scanline renderer and it was closer to 1990.


Hey Guys, hope you’re all well. I wanted to let you know that Turbo Tools v3 is now available for download. It’s a massive update chiefly directed at helping you to reduce your animation render times by as much as 40x! Make sure to watch the below YouTube video in 4k when it’s finished processing, because YouTube has processed the quality and the intended flicker out of the 1080p version. Until the 4k version is available, on the 1080p version you can still get an idea of the effectiveness of the stabiliser by jumping to to 7:49

The changes are as follows:

  • Temporal Stabilising. The big new feature which will dramatically speed up animation render times by letting you avoid using higher samples than necessary just to avoid flicker. Check out the video demonstrating it’s effectiveness and how to use it: https://youtu.be/bvXkfrCXaV4
  • New animation option which optimises the chosen sample pre-set for animations, helping ensure better results without the hassle of repeatedly trialling different sample settings. When combined with the temporal stabiliser, the Very High pre-set will generally provide production quality renders unless the scene has extremely difficult to render elements.
  • Each scene in the same blend file can now have a different cache folder. The cache folder in the user preferences is now only used as the default when adding a new scene. This adds flexibility and also simplifies setup on render farms. Any scenes whose cache directory has not yet been specified will be updated when setting the default location in the user preferences .
  • Render regions will automatically be set to the nearest divisible by 2 resolution when ‘Render Region’ and ‘Crop to Render Region’ are enabled in Blender’s output properties panel. This is necessary if outputting to an ffmpg video format. The feature has been added because rendering a small region with crop enabled means the denoising process is much faster. Useful when trying to quickly ascertain the optimum ‘User’ samples using the noisiest area of the scene.
  • Simplified usage so that people don’t need to worry about the compositor at all. Pre-render checks will now create missing node trees if possible, whereas previously the node tree would only be checked and created during the first render. If you have a composite node already that’s wired up, then the node tree won’t be automatically created, otherwise you’d never be able to render the compositor without the 3d scene.
  • Forward compatibility added with the new separate and combine rgba nodes introduced in Blender 3.3.
  • Turbo Comp operations are now greyed out during playback and rendering to avoid over zealous users launching simultaneous operations which could lead to black output during the next publish or rendering operation.
  • Sample pre-sets have been revised so each gives better results with minimal render time impact.
  • Two new sample pre-sets added : ‘Medium Rare’ and ‘Very High’. Medium Rare is the old medium renamed, whilst medium now produces a result between Medium Rare and High. Very High is a middle ground between High and Ultra and is recommended for production quality animations.
  • The addon now circumvents a Blender bug which could result in passes that use a vector format, not being stored correctly in the EXR cache files. This could lead to incorrect results when using data passes in both Blender and 3rd party compositors.
  • Menus and tooltips improved
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

It’s a huge update under the hood, and whilst it has been fine tuned and tested rigorously for a number of weeks, if you do run into any bugs, I’d be grateful if you could report them along with the steps needed to replicate, and any errors shown in the terminal, to the support email address found on your receipt.



Its really hard to see that on YouTube, maybe it would be good to have the samples download able, less compressed.
I see Blender 3.12 and above only as alpha.

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Yes I was surprised just how much processing YouTube did on the videos. I’ll try and stick them on Vimeo, I believe they don’t mess with the video :+1: Having a few days off though at the moment to recover from the programming marathon! :slight_smile: Re-introduce my pasty complexion to a bit of sunshine :smiley:

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