turbo squid

Does anyone know if people actually make money on turbosquid?

If no-one ever made any money from it I don’t think the site would be as popular as it is.

Though you gotta make a lot of models and sell a lot of them to make a decent sum of money.

Because they take something like 20-40% of anything you make, those leeches.

(It’s 20% only if you agree that you won’t sell/publish your models anywhere else. Otherwise it’s 40%)

I thought I heard others say they take 60%, I also heard 50%, where’d you get those values?

@ ace dragon: http://www.turbosquid.com/SquidGuild
Basicly they’ll take 60% of the money unless you become a squidguild member and only sell your models there.

If the squid points the funnel toward the anterior end, what direction will the squid move?
Whatever direction its posterior end is pointing.