Hi guys! Im done my last creation, finished UV mapping only today.
Im working on animating this robot and writing a story line, but till then I decided to show you my baby :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s quite awesome. Did you make all the materials and textures yourself?

Well not entirely…I just found a few nice textures and mixed it in a different leyers with UV, bumped it …and here we go :slight_smile:

Wicked awesome, but needs better lighting.

Great job with the textures. I think this could use a little more light to see it better though. I can’t wait for the animation.

Yea more lighting would be good. And didn’t I see this in the WIP forum with a killer transformation animation (thats a mouthful)? Would be even more killer if you did the animation with these textures on it! Great job!

funtastic textures.
one my hit - the spring on the legs looks so small and fragility - this is not good for sach a HEAVY robot.

Uber cool, needs better lighting as several people have said, and that doesn’t mean just brighten it up.

Thank you guys. Let me see what I can do.

At last I found some time to comeback to my Turboss screenshot. I am busy with animating the robot (going for a long animation) and dont really have time to come back to my single picture.
Anyway…I added a simple background to the scene. Took some simple brick wall texture, for bump maping, added a few extra textures and colors and here we go. Also played a bit with a lighting.

Hope it looks better.
Thank you


Wow, 100 times better. The model itself is amazing, well lit and amazingly textured.

But… the wall and floor textures suck. too blurry and stretched.

I suggest you add some detail to it… now it looks like big hump of solid iron. No intresting geometry there. Add some holes… or machinery… .etc…

Actually don’t spend any more time on the still :no: spend the time on the animation and show us :smiley:

he really looks heavy! nice job!

This is freaking great ;). Good job on the texturing. Oh, and the last render makes it even better. Can’t wait too see the animation. Cheers

ahhhh! now i really want to learn UV texturing! that looks friggin brilliant!

looks awesome from what I can tell, but I’d love to see it in better lighting as its hard to distinguish much of an actual shape. could just be my monitor though.

scratch that, just saw 2nd render. looks awesome.

That is WAY better than the first one. I really like it.:cool::cool: