Turbosquid general question

Does anyone here sell their models made in blender on Turbosquid via .obj or .3ds and/or .blend?

Just curious if anyone does and what you all think about that.

I am also interested in this topic and I did a little research. Yes, it is possible to sell ones models on one of the big 3d models sites. Turbosquid, the 3d studio, etc, but one should make very good renders, very good and from all sides and a wire frame render. Write a good description and convert your models to every other format possible. And then test these also.
One other thing is you need a lot of models and a lot of patience and don’t expect a lot of sales right away the competition is huge.

One other this also, the Blender format is one of the most growing format on these sites, but your best bet is obj, 3ds, and other formats.

Is there anything to keep in mind when exporting to obj and 3ds?
And another question: Most wireframe renders in turbosquid are done so that the wire of different objects is coloured different.
Is it possible to make wireframes coloured in Blender?

Well, you can always render your mesh with “wire” pressed in the material section: that will use the diffuse color for the color of the wire