TurboSquid - Taxes

Hi, first I have to sorry for my English. :smiley:
I´d like to ask to someone, who has account on turbosquid about taxes.
If he have to pay them to republic or not, if is it criminal .

It is not a matter of turbosquid, it is a matter of your local laws, how much you are allowed to earn before you have to register it at the fiscal authorities - there is no international law for this.

(Sidenote: Here in Austria it is 10.000 Euro taxfree per year IIRC. I doubt you´ll be able to earn that much on turbosquid, if thats your only income)

I am from Slovakia, and where can I find out that informations, where you found it?

Doesn’t the ministry of finance in slovakia (or whoever is responsible for taxes) have a homepage or something where this information can be found?

…in Sweden we only have 1700 euro as taxfree income per year, then again we have the second highest tax rates in the world (only denmark beats us) :no:

Isnt good so big taxes:mad:.
PS(my very best friend very likes sweden :wink: ,dunno why)