Does anybody here buy from or sell models on TurboSquid? I just signed up, I’m looking at selling any really good models I produce as a second line of income in addition to my job. I plan on selling my finished stargate model - gate room and all - for around $250. Looking at some of the other gate models on there, mine seems to be the most canon and by far the most detailed so far. Anyway, what are your opinions about TurboSquid? I don’t mind them getting 50% of the profits. They only get paid if the artist does, so they have incentive to get your models sold and provide good service.

I’ve only purchased; some models, textures and plugins. Very serious people. Whatever deal you cut with them shall be a good one. Put a fair price on your model and check the competence well. Most of the commercial models available are top-notch. Some others IMO are a bit overpriced.

good luck and tell us your experience wih it. Ps. Oh yes, wanted to ask; will you be selling your .blend files or exported formats like 3ds, obj, lwo, etc?

I plan on mainly selling .blend files, but I may provide multiple file types for very complex models. The thing is I can’t make sure any exported files actually work correctly in their native format because I don’t have the software to open them without re-importing them, which turns them back into .blend files. Should this really be a problem if I bake all subsurf modifiers? I understand some other file formats don’t support Blender’s Shift+E crease tool.

most models posted at turbosquid already collapsed and clean, without any history/modifier left. Specially ones in 3ds and obj formats. Not sure ones with .max and .mb or .lwo. Usually I lurk there to look some free stuffs hehe.

The safest way is to use obj format I think. You can test it on other free softwares wether the texture should be intact or not. 3ds is okay but got problem when I test em, reloading the files on max.

I bought models from turbosquit.
I think it is fast, reliable and not too expensive.
In my opinion if You want to sell models as a second line of income, You should create common every day objects. The demand for these models is much higher than for sci-fi or fantasy models. In most sci-fi or fantasy projects the props will be designed and modelled especially for this project.
But if someone needs a 3D telefone, a 3D car or 3D furniture, it is more cheap to buy an already existing model, than to let someone model it only for the project.

We use .obj format all the time to transfer models from Blender to 3DS max and vice versa.
It works without any problem and also preserves the texture coordinates.

Furniture, I can never have enough furniture. Also good cars, as new models keep coming out.

Does anybody know how secure they are? They seem to want my SS# for tax purposes.

Hmm. Have you read their privacy statement? Granted, if Turbosquid wasn’t a trustworthy website, their privacy statement wouldn’t mean much; but they seem like a fairly valid website from what I’ve seen. I believe that the original Ogre mascot was purchased from them, too; so I’m guessing they are fairly valid.

You may also be able to phone them and talk with someone about it.

Well, I discovered that the IRS requires them to have my SS#, so I finished joining.

Ta daa! My first product for sale!:smiley: link removed

Other lightsabers

Congratulations on your first commercial model :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about creating a couple of models for turbosquid also.

I’ve had a couple models on turbosquid, not really for money or anything, lots of them are free just because I appreciate when others make models available for free. I have a couple that are in multiple formats, and so far I have made around $40, but I have to send them a tax form (I am in Canada) to receive the money. I’ll add some more models and wait until my dollar amount gets a bit higher before I spend the time to send in the tax form. I like turbosquid alot, it is easy to use and they host your models for free until they are sold. So its no risk to you.

I just cut the poly count by about 85% and added more previews and wireframes. New link

Anybody else sell stuff/been sucessful?

I posted my panda evil model for 1 USD, no one has bought one yet :frowning: