I though about selling my models at Turbo Squid. I’m making a katana. I’d like to sell it.
It’s actually gonna come out more realistic than any katana I have seen in TurboSquid.

Does TurboSquid buy the models the same price that they sell them, or less, or more?

If not, do you know a site that does? Or could I use something such as Google Sites/freewebs to sell them by myself, where alot of people might come and buy them?

Thanks in advance.

No one will take a freewebs site seriously. Go buy a good domain, list all your models and talk mature. Just go ahead and advertise your site everywhere! your signature, youtube, vimeo, veoh, anywhere! and everywhere! join forums just to post your domain. This is what I do =D



What’s Katana?

What are you sellin’ ?

I ain’t go no money but I can’t say I seen your advertisement nowhere.

I never sell anything… I “give” stuff away, freebies… my bro dnamediadesigns.com on the otherhand knows a thing of two… plus my dad owns a credit card company, I know a thing or two about selling.

Turbosquid doesn’t buy the models. You provide the work, Turbo provides the site and playes “middleman”, and I believe (don’t quote me on this) that they take a small percentage of each transaction. You post the model and price, and can sell the same file over and over again.
And as for free websites, most don’t allow for the scripts needed for secure commercial transactions. Or else commercial companies would be using them to make money. You can host the files for anyone to download for free at a free web hoster, but as for enabling secure transactions and providing an interface that prohibits free downloading before purchase, I would suggest paying for a website and either acquiring a commercial template for web transactions, doing the coding yourself, or having someone do it for you.
Oh, and if are thinking you can “get rich quick” off ONE model, I’m sorry to tell you this but it probably won’t happen. Most costumers of Turbosquid are other modelers or companies that are purchasing the pre-made models to save time in their workflow or creation. You might be surprised how well quality modeled furniture sells. Architectural rendering is a somewhat big business.
Good luck

YellowLambo, a katana is a type of Samurai Sword, the most common one, and I guess the best.
Icie, thanks for the advice. I might buy a domain if it’s cheap enough. If in TurboSquid each time someone downloads the model they give me money, and buying a domain isn’t cheap, then I might stick to it.

I believe that small percent that Turbosquid takes is 50%. So, bare that in mind when you are pricing other alternatives.

$350 is not a good price for a weapon, even a finely made one.

On Turbosquid I would expect that price on a high quality rigged person.

Also there is no reason you can’t sell your model on every site you can find, it’s not like they own it once you list it.

350 USD is the price for a HighPoly anatomically correct female model, fully rigged with morphs, clothes and hair and HQ texture maps (spec,bump,diff) like Masha… check it out on TS. or the cheaper version Alicia for 200 USD.

For a katana i´d pay 2-3USD for everything more i´d do it myself.

Remember, you’ve got to figure the demand for your model. How many people would pay $350 for a katana?
You might even make more money if you sell it at, say $5, and manage to sell many. As oppose to selling it at $350, but only selling one.

For anyone who might want to know what a katana looks like, here is an example:
It’s pronounced kuh-TAH-nuh

Nice render… Or is it?

And here’s another example.

I would think 350 dollars for a weapon is a bit steep, better make it 10 if it’s really high quality.

Just note to sell it as different formats so people who use Autodesk or Maxon products can use it.

Won’t a .obj format do it for all of them?

3dTotal has models for sale.
I would pay $350 for a perfect replica of a katana motorcycle, with wires, fully modeled tires, etc.
For a nicely done katana… $35.
Remember the complexity of the model is more important than the quality of the render. A armored exo-skeleton, fully detailed battleship, or cinema quality dragon are some examples of things that would probably net you the most $$. The model needs to have clean topology, maps, AND naming of geometry. If I bought a model and everything was “box” “sphere”. I’d complain AND never buy from that person again. That’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s hilarious.

I sell consistantly on turbosquid. I have more than 500 items for sale. Textures for $8, models for $20 - $50. They charge a 50% commision in all but a very few cases. It’s a great site, and I’ve made about $600 selling things on the site ($1200 total sales). A $350 model has to be absolutely incredible to sell. A whole Arab town filled with props, game ready for example. Not one sword. It will never happen…sorry. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but you’ve got to understand that people who will be buying your models have a whole job budget - and they likely will not spend it on one sword. You can try it, but I’d recommend as someone else here did to sell it for $35 ten times. That may happen.

Volume and variety is the key to success on Turbosquid. Also, act like you are the buyer. Publish wires renders, untextured and textured views, loads of descriptions etc. Answer every question. Don’t go minimal and expect a sale. More info = more sales. Everytime. Make the customer comfortable enough to spend the money.