Does anybody here make a good living on selling models on Turbosquid? I have published some good models. It’s been two months but didn’t sold any of my products. Your experience, tips and advices are welcome. Thanks.

Best Regards

try some of these other sites, and also make sure you aren’t pricing them too high ( or too low ).

Thanks. I will look in to that.

how do you export models for turbo in the 5 or so different formats?
sorry noob question but ive never exported before much less to turbo squid

Why does TurboSquid want your SSN when you try to publish something? You should be able to handle taxes yourself . . .

lol, Bob the Blender! Your signature is funny

who are you talking to? my signiture is the blendtec guy lol
and they need the social or the tax id cause they have to report the earnings to the irs