Turbulance Image Distortion

Attached should be an image of something done in Toonboom. Basically the circled node adds image distortion based on turbulence values. The values I put in, it gives a quick and easy chalky feeling to whats being piped in.
I’d like to do something similar in Blender. I used Suzanne and set up a Freestyle render. I would like to do a post process in Blender’s compositor similar to what I did in Toonboom, but I don’t see any way that I can. Does anyone have some suggestions on how I might go about doing this in Blender?
Thanks in advance for any help.

No way I guess.
Well I might suggest making it possible to easily create fractal noise/clouds in the compositor. I guess I’d be able to use that with the displacement node? Who knows.
Either way, could be useful.

Yup, make a texture in the properties panel set to cloud or similar, then add a Texture input node. Plug that into distort and set the X and Y value as required. The drawback is not being able to feed texture nodes into texture nodes.

That worked!
Thank you. I wish they just made this a node in the compositor, in stead of having to do this kind of work around.

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Hi, may I ask how you made it work?

I have tried to achieve something similar I think, but it doesn’t add the same amount of fuzziness/effect everywhere - at certain angles - in this case the arm to the left - is much less than the rest.
(It is also being animated so that it changes each frame)

Well, I seemed to have solved it by adding another displacement note and changing the values a bit.

Not that I know what I’m doing, but at least it seems to work the way I wanted.

Your cloud texture is probably more uniform on that side (maybe a large white patch). Just adjust the settings for it in the texture editor. Previews in the editor are broken, so you’ll have to plug the texture into a viewer node in order to see the result of your changes:

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Thanks - I did try to change the texture setting, but it didn’t seem to help. In your example the same angle is also less affected than the others - the upper left edge of the forehead.

But adding the extra displacement note (in my second post) seemed to do the trick.

This might be because the normal values at the top right are closer to zero, therefore multiplying that smaller value will result in a small change. Need to normalise the overall field or at least raise it to 1.0 in top right?