fresh from the lab …

Snapshot taken while experimenting with a rotating glass capillary filled with ethylene-glycol a small oil droplet ( 300 nanoliter ) and a even smaller air bubble inside.

The turbulence pattern became visible because the refractive index and the density of the alcohol changes with temperature. The temperature gradient is caused by the bearings and the seals on both sides of the capillary. Finally the system is decelerating so what actually became visible are shear waves propagating.


that’s pretty awesome. You know, Darren Aronofsky’s visual effects guy for “The Fountain”, Peter Parks, used photography kinda like this for the effects in that film. Most people thought it was CG, but he just shot chemicals mixing with each other and stuff. Really neat looking.

real liquids are beautiful… like watching drops of color entering clear water…
though this is more harsh… it has sort of weird, static feeling to it.

i like the compositing also… be it accident or not.


Ok so what’s the physic’s behind it?

Very nice :slight_smile: