Turmoil Games Skull

Hi all,

Here’s a picture and a logo we made recently for our indie game company Turmoil Games. There’s some heavy photoshopping involded but I thought you might be interested.

Pencil sketch:



Final picture (for t-shirts and stuff like that):

The company logo:

great work :slight_smile: love the idea, it looks awesome :slight_smile:

Can we say, splitting headache? Anyway it’s an interesting rendition. Love the work on the model.

  • Floyd

nice work. I noticed on the top pic that the saw teeth are facing the other direction though.

I got a question about ur game studio, do you use blender for the wintermute engine stuff? like, do you export your animations and stuff from there?


Thanks for comments.

Yes we do all the pre-rendered and realtime graphics and animations in Blender. Blender -> Wintermute pipeline wasn’t easy to get to work (weeks of pain), but we managed.

If you are interested, we posted the pipeline here.