Turn 180?

How could you make the character turn 180 degrees when you push the s key. And then stay at that rotation until you release and push the s key again. I’m having a mermaid doing a underwater flip and turn 180 degrees. And then go back to idle animation. Using rotation doesn’t work, it just keeps spinning super fast. Any ideas on how to do this with logic?

uUse the new tap feature in 2.49 and link whatever uses it to a motion actuator, then set the rot value to 3.6 on the axis you want. This will rotate the character 360 degrees instantly. If you want to make it a little smoother looking use slow parent.

Where is that time offset option? I looked in the object buttons but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I’m missing something…:eek:

you would have to parent your characters mesh to the object that rotates 180 degrees, then select the mesh and look on the anim settings tab in the object buttons, click SlowPar, then set TimeOffset. You could also use properties to count how much the object rotates, so each frame rotate say 0.1 then add 1 to a property. When the property gets to 36, stop rotating.

Ahh so it must have a parent. But then the time offset would be on all the controls? Not only on the 180 turn?