Turn based board game. How do I lock keyboard inputs when turn is over?

I am working on a turn based board game and I seem to have everything in working so far but I am not sure how to solve this problem with BGE logic bricks.

As soon as Player 1s turn is over I have a “P1TurnFinished” message being sent by an actuator. I have another sensor that is listening for “P1TurnFinished” and when that happens I have the camera switch to Player 2 Camera and a few other necessities.

Anyone have any ideas on how to go about setting up the logic bricks so when Player 1s turn is over and it passes to Player 2, Player 1s keys will no longer work until it is Player 1s turn again?

You could use states. Have a message sensor on what ever has the input bricks. Have that trigger a State Actuator to change to a waiting state. Then, you can switch back to a playing state when the other player sends the done message.

Sorry, apparently in am too new and inexperienced to pull this off without a little more info. In the State actuator, all I see is Inv, Sub, Add and Cpy as well as what looks to be a bunch of layer cubes. How would I go about making the State actuator change to a waiting state?

This looks like it might help. Look at post #6


Thanks for the help. I read that post, the Blender Gamekit 2nd Edition, and this:
and I still feel like it was a majority of trial and error to figure it out, but I finally got the problem solved.