turn based, isometric view


i am totally new to blender game engine and would like to do some turn based isometric game.
most of the projects i have seen so far are 1st/3rd person real time games. from my impression blender game engine is capable of doing that. python scripting won’t be a problem for me.
does anybody have any experience with turn based games or could recommend me some reading?
another problem would be map creation as a turn based game needs some form of grid/tile system.

Yes, a turn-based game most likely is easier (in some respect) than a realtime game (like an action game). What you probably would want to do is simply (like you said) divide the map into cells. For example, you could say that every blender unit is one cell, and objects (like buildings, trees, units, or vehicles) must occupy at least one space, and only one object can occupy a space at a time. Shouldn’t be too complex, especially if you’re skilled with Python.