Hello, this is my first post :slight_smile: I am sorry for my bad english, I was too lazy to learn it well, now I feel shame about it :expressionless: Anyway I came here for a help, so please help me if you can :slight_smile: I am newbie in this GE stuff so don’t lol about me :slight_smile:

The problem I have is this:

I am making a turn based game and the action is on the big board. And I dont know how to make my hero to walk exactle one tile. I mean I made a walking animation and used force to move him around, but what I want is that when I press a KEY he walks forward a litle bit and stops (and then his “action points = action points - 1”) now when I press a KEY he walks non-stop untill I release the KEY. I am prety sure I’ll have to use python here and I am not afraid :slight_smile: (I’ve already started learning it :slight_smile: )

And the secon problem is almost the same: I want him to TURN exactly 90 degrees when I push the turn KEY, and now he just spins around while I am holding the KEY down… :frowning:

Any sugestions? I am looking forward hearing from you :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve been reading this forum a lot, and I like the way this comunity helps eatch other :wink:

Use dRot and dLoc for the movement and turning and have the sensors have no pulse. Then use a property actuator that makes the action points property go down.

I am using dLoc and dRot already, but I need that when I release the KEY the hero didn’t stop. I need that he continue his rotation until he reaches 90 degrees. And I need that he would do that slowly, but not instatnt :frowning:

Use an ipo with play…end, and you will need a variable to keep track of which direction you are currently facing-> make sure you play the right animation