turn blender standalone game to a screensaver?

in the older version blender, i found that when i change the extention on my game from “.exe” to “.scr”
the game will run as a screensaver, and i would be able to set the game as my default screensaver, but somehow i cant do that anymore in the latest version of blender, is there any other way tu use my blender game as a screensaver?
i want to make my own screensaver with blender.

That sounds cool, I never heard of that. You can download an older version of blender here.

Hello! I just tested with this: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bmnl9eudc343o7o/screenSaver.rar

It’s a runtime created with Blender (with the “save as a game engine runtime” addon).

-I copied all the files (and the 2.74 folder) in c:\Windows\System32 (without replacing existing files)
-Changed advanced alimentation settings to allow “stand by” and “hybrid standby” (I don’t know if it was needed) and make standby after 1 minute (I’ve a french OS so I don’t know if it’s called “standby” on english OS)
-Then I’ve chosen cloudsEnlighting in the screensaver list and apply it

and it worked (At the begining I had some weird reactions (computer disconnection…) but after restarting my computer it worked.)

Blender version used: 2.74.5
OS: Windows 8.1 64 bits

(I also desactivated adaptative luminosity in advanced alimentation settings but I don’t know if it was necessary… need to test)